pretty dead girl

by Francie Cool



two new songs
also im goin on tour
check my facebook for info


stay safe and stay away from men <3


released May 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Francie Cool Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


francie <3 she/her
abbie <3 she/her
carl <3 they/them


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Track Name: period
i stab my tummy nice and clean
i watch it pour out endlessly
its so good
im so good

its a bad thing if they caught me
theyd get so mad at me
but theyre so kind to me they make
me feel like i belong somewhere

im sorry
forgive me

ill give you something no ones taken yet
whatever you want is what i get

ill choke ill jump ill find a way
to make it up to make me pay

im such a bloody mess
im such a fucking mess
Track Name: alex
f u alex


no one cares
tear me up from the inside
bloody tears
i'd let you watch cos i love you

how would you like it?
id prolly cry if you ever touched me
how do you do it?
you get me so good alex

id die for you
but only because i know you want me to
you do, but it's my fault!
for trying to be anyone at all

you do, its okay!
hopefully ill kill myself one day