cherry useless

by Francie Cool



s/o to abbie and carl for being my best friends
i love you two so much <3


released August 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Francie Cool Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


francie <3 she/her
abbie <3 she/her
carl <3 they/them


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Track Name: growth
hanging out with them n u
you took your shirt off
i see something new
you get it all over me
i fall in love with your sick cutesy

your smell makes me dizzy
touch my hair kiss my head
you dont know your own name
its fine if you cant pronounce it
cos im fucking up pretty bad now

as i die
as i grow
my body becomes more comfortable with what it knows
i turn on my fan before bed
i fall asleep freezing
i wish i had a tight grip on my life so i could be
but i dont think ill ever be as pretty
Track Name: corpse girl
how can i reflect when I cant remember
how can i remember wheni dont want to
I feel myself and i think i feel pretty
but ill never know unless you tell me

I dont know
I let go
whats in my head that hurts so much
Track Name: here
if you wanted me to stay here
i would stay right here with u

but no matter how long i wait for it to be true
ill never be old enough for you

if you want come a litte closer baby
"cos i know what u want not what u need"

and whatever you wanna do with me in your room
is what i wanna do for the rest of my life
Track Name: see thru
i fly
i fly right into the sun
burn off my wings and die

i fly
you wont hear from me
you broke my heart but i didnt break yours

i fly
look what you did to me
my whole bodys become see thru

i burn right thru the crust
my clothes fall off my body
im so embarassed for me!
are you also embarassed for me?

it doesnt matter tho
i know im stronger than you
im just holding on
so i can learn to hate you more